Art Lebedev’s Door Lock Maze is more of a threat than protection

by Dhiram Shah

It’s true that everything we see from Art Lebedev has a touch of novelty and creativity in it. However, not every work of novel art can be beneficial to mankind, or can it? We leave you to decide that as we take a look at this Thief-Proof Home Door Lock-and-Chain Maze. It is pretty obvious that the chain will do its part in keeping the thieves away or at least at bay till the police arrive. But then, what about the times you need to get out in a hurry? The lock involves an elaborate maze that has to be solved to get the door opened. Now, analyze this: You’re curtains on fire, you have no fire extinguisher, no phone, no water and just this brilliantly designed lock to deal with – to make it out of the inferno.

Don’t get your hopes of breaking it down too high. The lock is built with titanium alloy and is nailed down with 10 different screws. A test has proved its strength in which it stood resistant to about 700 pounds of force. How does a price tag of $50 sound for a suicide minus the evidence?

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