Apple’s customer loyalty suffers setback

by Gareth Mankoo

Surveys are not always something one would go by. But when it has something to do with the terms ‘Apple’ and ‘loyalty’ we’d prefer to take notice. A new research by Strategy Analyst shows that the company that had among the finest customer loyalty experiences is now facing a severe backlog on that one key claim. In the US, 93% current iPhone users said they would opt for an iPhone as their next phone, in 2011. This year however the number has slumped down to a weak 88%. Experts believe that a lack of innovations are one of the main reasons the iPhone has seen such a setback.

If you’d put this to me or anyone following Apple closely, even a couple of years ago, we’d believe it to be unreal and hypothetical. However, back then Android hadn’t spread its promising tentacles as deep as it does now.


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