Fifth Avenue Apple Store’s $450,000 window shattered like an iPhone by a snow blower

by Sayan Chakravarty

With the severe winter ripping across the Northeast of the United States and the situation being made worse by the record-shattering snow, New York has turned almost into a ghost town with its streets wearing an unusual deserted look. But this menacing weather took its toll on a very unlikely but important victim. The flagship Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York felt the polar vortex’s firsthand as one of the 32-foot massive glass panels of the store which were installed in 2011 for $6.7 million shattered into million pieces. Each of these tall glass sheet costs nearly $450,000 which will make it the costliest window repair in the world.

Though the reason was not confirmed by Apple but it is believed that a snow blower did the damage. A tiny stone was sent flying through the air which struck the 32 foot glass sheet shattering it. The store is open as usual and the glass in safety coated but it hasn’t been replaced as of yet. Which forces us to question what should Apple go with time? Should the store now be installed with Gorilla Glass to avert such incidents in the future?


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