Apple hires sleep doctor. Could this mean a 24×7 wearable iWatch is in the works?

by Gareth Mankoo

Apple has you by the, well, you know, the moment you purchase their products. Now, just like their competitors Samsung (who have attempted to make technology wearable in order to get it closer to you), the Cupertino company is all set to have their devices on you even when you’re not conscious. The company has hired Roy J. E. M. Raymann, a former Philips Research senior scientist who played a vital role in sleep monitoring studies. This strongly suggests that the company is sharpening its focus on people’s sleep patterns and how they can avail of the advantages of the Apple platform even when they are far away, dreaming. This hints at something wearable, like the alleged iWatch that’s a long time coming. May be it is finding itself a 24×7 purpose.

Among other key achievements of Raymann the founding of a non-clinical sleep research facility and research on wearable and miniature sensors. How much more obvious does this all need to get?

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