Corning Gorilla Glass goes tough on bacteria

by Gareth Mankoo

Corning have established their stake on the market as the most strong, efficient and renowned cellphone display glass manufacturers. It goes without saying that smartphones are a haven for bacteria. With us using them in public transit, bathrooms, bedrooms and other places not worth mentioning, these brilliant devices soon begin harboring germs and an array of diseases. An unlikely source has taken it upon themselves to create a smartphone that is devoid bacteria. It’s none other than Corning! The makers of the famed Gorilla Glass have now devised a screen with ionic silver, which happens to be an antibacterial agent. The use of this compound can reduce the growth of algae, bacteria, fungi, mildew and mold.

It’s only recently that Corning went vocal about how their glasses could soon find their place on wearable devices. Now, with the promise of eradicating almost 100% bacteria from cellphone surfaces, I bet they have set a benchmark that is far surpassable.

[Via – Gigaom]

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