$80 Roulette Wheel IQ Cube makes solving the Rubik’s cube look easy

by Gareth Mankoo

So you’re known across the neighborhood as the kid who solves the Rubik’s cube in 5 minutes flat? No big deal. The world’s always ready to throw in a new challenge fore even the best of us. Enter, the Roulette Wheel IQ cube. This one’s fundamentally just like the Rubik’s cube but is a lot more complicated to solve, thanks to wheels on each side. So now you have not only the color combinations to worry about but the Roulette Color and Sequence Number as well.

$80 of a brain%@*$ is worth it you think? If yes, then I’d like to have you know that you’re one in a gazillion around. And no, there’s no pun intended in this manner of a roulette.



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