Video: 8-bit Inception movie will snap you out of your dream

by Gareth Mankoo

It took quite some gut, money and brains to make the entire world of Inception come alive for Christopher Nolan and his brilliant crew. It’s been a while we’ve seen or heard anything about the movie beside random sightings and claims of certain objects qualifying as ‘totems’. But this was all to come to nothing when we set our eyes on the brilliant 8-bit Inception movie. In a new episode of 8—bit Cinema, CineFix has showcased the 2010 movie in all its pixelated brilliance. Two animated minutes is all it took to tell the entire tale of the movie. So what you can expect are those stunning perspective shots and significant moves from the movie, which somehow appear a tad trippier in this rendition.

The little clip was written and animated by David Dutton of Dutton Films. The music is produced by Henry Dutton. And yes, this did remind me of good old Wolfenstein too!

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