3D printed photo-realistic figurines by Twinkind

by Gavril Mankoo

Photo-realistic figurines are hard to come by and more often than not, cost quite a pocket-full, given the fact that these are made with precision, at times by hand, or rather, that was how it used to be like a few years ago. Then came the dawn of 3D printing and just about everything changed, including the making of photo-realistic figurines and action figures, which is now a lot easier, thanks to this revolutionary technology. Hamburg, Germany-based company, Twinkind, has taken the technology and the art of sculpting photo-realistic figurines in its stride and now offers custom 3D printed figures.

The studio is equipped with a mutli-camera 3D scanner that a 3D scan of the subject, which is then used to create the figurine. These can be sculpted from 6 to 13 inches tall and look like tiny versions of you and the people you know. This is probably the first time we’ve come across figurines that look so frighteningly real. These figurines can make for great gifts and showpieces.



[Via – Laughingsquid]

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