$32 can get you a blanket that doubles up as gadget screen cleaner

by Gareth Mankoo

Our requirements get more specific by the day and with something as peculair as the BB Tech Screen Cleaning Throw blanket, we aren’t denying it one bit. The blanket comes with a microfiber edge that is specially attached to its main body, to enable gadget screen wiping without marks. Several insights on use of gizmos on the bed must have been laid on the table, to realise that gizmos are use on the bed, more than once. This is interestingly intriguing, especially for those who want their home decor to stand out from all other human habitats.

The $32 BB Tech Screen Cleaning Throw blanket isn’t as exciting an innovation as a dream inducing blanket would be. Yet it costs more than an ordinary pullover. What do you reckon you’d actually end up wiping with this one?


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