1/8 scale model of Donkey Kong arcade game boasts spectacular attention to detail and actually works!

by Gavril Mankoo

With the world hooked on to hand-held gaming devices like the omnipotent Sony PSP and the Gameboy, those good old arcade gaming consoles are slowly turning into museum-artifacts. Modder Bender came up with this astoundingly beautiful miniature version of the Donkey Kong arcade game recently, the world’s smallest Donkey Kong game ever built. This one measures just 8.25 inches tall and uses a GamePark GP2X Wiz that runs MAME. Also, this one carries along some pretty amazing attention to detail, with the stickers, vinyl and the lighted marquee, just like the normal-sized version of the arcade game.

This little one is a 1/8 scale model of the real mammoth that’s practically 8 times larger than it. And the best part, this miniature Donkey Kong game lets you enjoy some hand-held arcade gaming!

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